C4 Reverse Manual Valve Body Shift Pattern

C4 Reverse Manual Valve Body Shift Pattern

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Performance Automatic PA26304 C4 Reverse Manual Valve Body

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Ford C-4 Full Manual Reverse Shift Valve Body Shift Pattern: PRN BTE Kit Contains: 1-Manual Valve Body 1-Intermediate Servo Gasket /8”x 27 Pipe Plug /8” Check Ball NOTE: This kit is not intended for installation in a transmission in poor general condition. It will not correct a malfunctioning or slipping transmission. Before you begin installation, allow transmission to cool.

How To Assemble Ford C4 Transmissions: Cruise-O-Matic

Recently added a reverse manual valve body to my C4 and wondering if it's possible to shift past 3rd gear and lock-up trans momentarily and strip the splines in the converter. 2 weeks ago during an 1/8th mile pass my car felt like I shifted to neutral on a 2 -3 shift.


C-4 Transbrake Full Manual Valve Body Shift Pattern: PRN BTE Kit Contains: QTY DESCRIPTION One(1) Transbrake Valve Body One(1) Brake Valve and Spring One(1) Rear Servo One(1) Ring One(1) Tap One(1) Solenoid NOTE: For push in style modulator case only (not for screw in modulator), please note that this is a pro-tree style brake and the transbrake solenoid must be.

How to Install Shift Kits for Ford C4 Transmissions Step - Precision Performance Products #, Kwik-Shift I Shifter, Ford C4 and C6, Reverse Pattern Valve Body. Categories.

Miscellaneous; Works perfectly with Standard or Manual Valve Bodies, Forward or Reverse Shift Patterns in Drag, Street, Off-Road, and Circle Track …. A) An automatic transmission manual valve body is a modified or aftermarket valve body which puts full control of when the transmission shifts in the drivers control.

Automatic transmissions normally shift, automatically, based on line pressures, vehicle speed, vehicle load. I have just finished swapping a c4 from my 66 fairlane into my 67 mustang. The fairlane was a column shift, so I swapped the shift lever out for one from a c4 in order to hook up properly to a floor shifter. For some odd reason my reverse quit working all of a sudden, and the tranny will. Automatic Transmission Valve Body, Billet Aluminum, Trans-Brake, Full Manual, Reverse Shift Pattern, Chevy, TH, Each.

Part Number: SUM C4 Billet Servo: C4 Forward Clutch Pack: C4 Lightened Drive Shell: C4 3 Pinion Fully Rollerized Front Planetary: C4 6 Pinion Fully Rollerized Front Planetary: C4 Hi-Po Gasket and Seal Kit: C4 Gear Set: C4 Gear Set: C4 Hi-RPM Direct Drum Kit: C4 Solenoid Mounting Kit: C4 Pump Assembly: C4 Reverse Manual Valve Body: C4 S&S.

A reverse pattern is when the standard shift pattern P R N D 2 1 is changed by either a new valve body or a reprogrammed and modified stock valve body to make the pattern P R N 1 2 D. The advantages are that you are always shifting away from reverse instead of taking the chance of hitting the shifter forward and going through neutral into reverse at high speed which is catastrophic!

C4 auto tranny with reverse manual valve body PRN shift pattern Turned on its lid this weekend when turned back over no 1st gear Still pulls great in 2nd. The reverse manual valve body is a direct bolt in replacement for to C4 model transmissions. The shift pattern will now be PRN Particular attention must be paid to several items upon installation.

- Valve body torque must not exceed 10 ft. lbs. - Some C4 transmissions, mostly model cases, may require one (1) less bolt. With Performance Automatic's full manual reverse pattern valve body, you are in total control. Designed with competition in mind, this valve body has completely re-engineered fluid circuits which provide the best shifts possible.

Reverse Manual Valve Body C4 Gear Positions as well as evaluation them wherever you are now. Reverse Manual Valve Body C4 C4 Reverse Manual Valve Body Instructions PA, PA The reverse manual valve body is a direct bolt in replacement for to C4 model transmissions The shift pattern will now be PRN   Sounds like you might be talking about a reverse shift pattern valve body.

Valve bodies can only be installe done way and work. A reverse shift pattern valve body referse to the shift pattern. (kind of a redundent statement I know).

You can't get a reverse valve body AOD, but in the C4. C4 Reverse Pattern Manual Valve Body w/brake This is a reverse pattern full manual valve body with engine braking in 1st gear. Low/reverse band is applied in 1st gear for engine braking.

Good for use in trucks or any application in which extra sprag protection is required. Fits up C4. Part Num Accessories Desc Racer Net List Price Category; VBMR: Full Manual Body (Reverse pattern) $ $ Pro Valve Bodies: VBTB.

i can shift my stock valve body at any RPM i want to. ive shifted at with my last set up.

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my th is a competition trans but the valve body is just a factory one. a manual valve body is not any stronger then a stock one. C4 Reverse Manual Valve Body. This is the same valve body as used in the DYNAMIC C4 Comps and Roller Mite units. Deadly accurate, super-crisp shifts with raised line pressure to accommodate longer clutch life in your race-ready C4. If you're building a '70's model C4 for competition and do not need a brake, this is the one for you.

TCI Auto competition valve body for maximum performance and quick elapsed times in a racing application. By controlling the valve body only through manual means we can produce quicker shift timing and are able to run higher line pressures than possible with an automatic shift transmission. Street cruising the Camaro. TCI Competition TH Reverse pattern, manual valve body. 10” 3, stall TCI Street Fighter converter with nitrous balloon plat.

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Order this Performance Automatic Reverse Manual Valve Body for your Mustang with a C4 Transmission from CJ Pony Parts. This valve body will reverse your shift pattern while opening the option to manually shift your Mustang's C4 bxqy.skechersconnect.com: Performance Automatic. movement of the brake valve. The valve must not bottom out in the case. 8. Install the new Trans-Brake valve body in the case, make sure manual valve is properly positioned with shift lever. Proper bolt torque is crucial to the operation of this valve body.

Torque the valve body to case bolts at in-lbs., Torque the long filter bolts at Shift transmission into reverse and let run approximately (3) minutes.

Running in reverse (3) minutes will give any contaminants in the transmission, converter, cooler or lines a chance to settle into the transmission pan and not be introduced to the automatic shift control part of the valve body or governor, causing the shift valves to stick. You don’t want the Green Dot valve body for a good street/strip C4 unless you’re concerned about originality in a – Ford or Mercury restoration.

Beginning inFord went to a more conventional P-R-ND- shift pattern for the C4. It was known as Select-Shift, which meant a redesigned valve body that was used through   full manual reverse pattern valve body? (Please explain) I am new to these V8 and auto transmissions so could someone please explain what the above is all about and the benifits of such a mod. Thanks for the answers guys this is for a sreet car so going by what is said I will stick with the standard shift pattern. Valve Bodies.

Our competition valve body for maximum performance and quick elapsed times in a racing application. By controlling the valve body only through manual means we can produce quicker shift timing and are able to run higher line pressures than possible with an automatic shift transmission.

TH Full Manual Valve Body, Reverse Shift Pattern w/ Engine Braking. SKU $ Add to Cart. Wish List Compare. TH Full Manual Series, Forward Shift Pattern Valve Bodies w/ Low Engine Braking. SKU $ Add to Cart. Wish List Compare. R. I ordered a 67 valve body from a Mustang salvage yard today so I could have the normal shift pattern. Question is, Valve body in C4 Transmission. Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for I was curious so I looked this up in a vintage shop manual that I have from "Starting with the unit.

Performance Automatic PA C4 Reverse Manual Valve Body Brand: Performance Automatic. out of 5 stars 2 ratings. Bought over a year ago finally got the car off jack stands low and behold Not as described wasted money oem shift pattern non manual valve body Read more. Helpful. Comment Report abuse. See all reviews2,4/5(2). Related products. 4R70W Full Manual Valve Body $ Add to cart C6 Reverse Pattern Pro Tree Transbrake Valve Body $ Add to cart C4 Reverse Pattern Full Manual Valve Body $ Read more AOD Fixed Line Pressure Valve Body.

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Broader Performance offers a reasonably priced variety of C6 valve body packages depending on how you intend to use your C6. Broader Performance goes to extreme detail with its blueprinted valve bodies, offering you everything from a stock auto-shift valve body, manual and reverse-pattern, to pro tree.

These valve bodies are machined to provide. Ford C4 Full Manual Reverse Pattern Valve Body. Condition is Remanufactured. PRN pattern cleaned and inspected. Ready to bolt into you transmission this is the 8 bolt version.

This one has an aftermarket lower bxqy.skechersconnect.com date:   My buddy and I have done a few c4 valve bodies this way with reasonably good results so far.

TCI® 221201 Turbo 400 Full Manual Valve Body W/engine

Transgo offers their "stick shift" valve body kit but I believe that it is forward pattern only and I'm not sure about engine braking. Broader Performance offers a reverse pattern manual valve body kit but it says no engine braking.

Here's Broader's.

C-4 Transbrake Full Manual Valve Body - BTE 421500

Shift pattern: Park-Reverse-Neutral- First -Second -Third This Kit Contains: (1) Turbo Full Manual Valve Body (1) Manual Valve (1) Separator Plate (1) Band Release Spring (1) Vacuum Modulator Plug & O-Ring (1) 1/4” Steel Check Ball (16) Direct Clutch Drum. Find great deals for FORD C4 FULL MANUAL REVERSE PATTERN RACING VALVE BODY *CORE REQUIRED*. Shop with confidence on eBay! Works perfectly with Standard or Manual Valve Bodies, Forward or Reverse Shift Patterns in Drag, Street, Off-Road, and Circle Track Race Cars.

To date no POWER-SHIFT I, KWIK-SHIFT I or KWIK-SHIFT II unit has ever been returned broken, found defective, malfunctioning or misbehaving since production begin in The Original Quarter Stick Automatic shifter, that is designed for 2 and 3-speed automatic transmissions in both forward and reverse valve body shift patterns. Check out the specific applications for each of the Quarter Stick shifters to find the one that fits your vehicle. Full manual valve body - Reverse. In 1. 9 it was fitted with a PTO for auxiliary equipment attached to heavy duty trucks.

To follow Ford's new naming schemes for its other transmissions, Ford renamed the E4. OD the 4. R1. Applications: See also. How to Build a Ford C6 Select Shift. No where in my response does it say free floating valve body. I am talking about the manual valve. In a C4 when a valve body is removed from the transmission the manual shift valve will not fall freely. It is retained by a ball and spring. The detents are in the valve body.

COMPU-FLOW REVERSE MANUAL VALVE BODIES Our Compu-Flow Reverse Manual Valve Body shifts opposite the OEM units away from neutral when up shifting (P-R-N).

There is no automatic shifting. It will leave in the selected gear allowing street driven cars. PERFORMANCE AUTOMATIC COMP C4 Reverse Shift Pattern, Full Manual Valve Body, Ford, C-4, DEEP ALUM PAN. PRO SHIFT SERVO, Price: $1, C4 TRANSMISSION. PA PRO MOD. Racing Clutches - Hardened Input Shaft - Full Manual Shift Control - Transbrake Valve Body - Rated to + Horsepower - Deep Sump Pans - Special Sprag - Our Top of the Line Model. CHEETAH Valve Body History.

the first CHEETAH Valve Body rocks the Mopar World! It removes the overlap and picks up Mopars approximately seconds. Until the CHEETAH E-SHIFT no other valve body has ever brought about the performance or conversation that the first # did at Gainesville, Florida in   I need some input from yall.

I contacted a local, well known, C4 builder and he said he could set me up with a C4 reverse Manual valve body for ~$ installed with custom TQ converter (All Performance Automatic Trans parts rated at hp).

C4 Reverse Pattern Valvebody - What Happens When You Shift

I like the idea, that this trans, will be bulletproof and on a warranty from a local guy. Valve Body Shift Pattern: Park-Reverse-Neutral-First-Second-Third This Kit Contains: Qty. Description One (1) TCI Trans Brake Valve Body One (1) Modulator Freeze Plug One (1) Plastic Connector Four (4) Red Eagle® Clutches Four (4) Steel Clutches One (1) Modified Clutch Pressure Plate.

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